Health education need funding first – with the current budget for education and training being $7

Health education need funding first – with the current budget for education and training being $7.7 billion a year, the government cannot continue to deliver on its promise for 20,000 children to go to school. And that means the need for new funding comes next to the need for new schools, according to the report from Education Australia.

The report states:

“The government needs to make spending cuts at every level of government, including education, at least $6.1 billion more next financial year. That cuts will need to cover at least three more years of underfunding of education through savings elsewhere in the budget and the loss of funding from its previous commitment to establish three new schools every year from 2019.”

Education Minister Christopher Pyne responded to the re네이버 룰렛port by reiterating its warning about the state of the federal education budget and the dire need to find new funding sources, including through the new tax on superannuation.

He made reference to some of the recommendations contained in the report but said the government would continue to provide free school meals for families and create a special school program for the vulnerable at risk of neglect or neglecting in schools.

“There is a need for government action to fund and expand early education and that is why the Turnbull Government has committed to improving funding for the next five years,” the Minister told reporters in Canberra.

“And as I’ve indicated in the budget, there’s not enough money in our $7.7 billion annual public education budget for early education and there’s not enough money in the $8.3 billion funding cut to the National Children’s Health Initiative to enable the health services of children in public schools to be fully funded by that funding. So that’s our problem on education.”

Meanwhile, the Coalition has also announced its response to the report – and the criticism it has received – with the Coalition’s federal party chairperson Warren Entsch saying:

“It’s outrageous that the party of Tony Abbott does not support any of the recommendations of the report. His party will also continue to seek greater accountability at federal level in the areas of education and 포커skills.”

He said the review would not result in any cuts and the review would be continued by the education minister – who he called “the most respected child services commissioner in Australia”.

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