Festival to boost wine region’s economy,” the paper said

Festival to boost wine region’s economy,” the paper said.

At its core, the statement says, the plan was intended to ensure the survival of a region that has long had a reputation for poverty and social dislocation화천출장안마 화천안마.

“Without new economic opportunities, it is unlikely that people in the region will be able to enjoy the full benefits of wine,” the document reads, and adds that the project should be “a step towards a more prosperous future in the region and its people.”

The tourism industry in the region was hit hard during austerity measures fol해운대출장마사지lowing the 2008 financial crisis. And even as France continues to try to ease economic pressures in the wake of the Paris attacks and Brexit, it does not want to be dragged back into the same situation by foreign investors.

The region has seen a fall in tourism, in part because of increased competition from more affluent regions of the country, but also the recent decision to pull back from hosting Eurovision.

“This is a serious issue in which we need to be engaged, at least now,” said Olivier Raspail, CEO of the Bordeaux and Seine-Atlantique region. “I cannot l룰렛ook back and say, ‘this was the right decision.’

“This will take many years to really solve.”

New boat for whitfords sea rescue

New boat for whitfords sea rescue!

Please note: we only offer a boat for a single boat, if you need help in a different way, email the skipper at:


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