Brendon grylls dismisses liberal one nation revenge deal as ‘unrealistic’

Brendon grylls dismisses liberal one nation revenge deal as ‘unrealistic’

But the SNP’s leader Angus Robertson said the Prime Minister had failed to give the Scottish Government the “permission” to hold a second independence referendum.

He said: “What the Prime Minister has said is that they did have the authority to hold a referendum in the first place. But if the pe카지노ople of Scotland want another referendum – there will be another one.

“We believe we got the necessary approval from the people of Scotland. And if they don’t like it they can change the law, they can sto에그 벳p this project and move on with their lives.

“But what’s the Prime Minister saying that they wouldn’t get if they were to set up a referendum? That the people of Scotland don’t have the right to have the referendum and it’s been stoppe가평안마d.

“And again, the Prime Minister has missed that fundamental principle that we have in this country that we don’t want another referendum. The people of Scotland are demanding independence.”

Mr Robertson said: “They’ve got to know the answer to the big question as to how the next parliament is going to form the next government in this country and I don’t know who the answer is.

“If they’re saying we won’t discuss that and that we won’t set up a referendum – I’m afraid we’re going to have to wait and see what that means.

“But I don’t think we’re waiting. I think we can and we’ve got to be talking about these issues.”